Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of The Greastest Magic Show


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


This show is kiddie-tastic – they’ve really thought about their audience. Kids are given a free wand whilst queuing to get in!

The show starts with The Ringmaster introducing us to Sam and Justin (the Magicians) and telling us about his dream of having The Greatest Magic Show. Ben (8) said “the Ringmaster is dressed just like Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman”. Throughout this show there’s music, singing and magic - involving coins, shoes, balloons, a hanky, pants, juggling, banana/bandana and even a floating table!

Throughout the show, Kids use their wands and say the magic words “The Greatest Magic Show”. Volunteers are required from the audience to assist with tricks, and each volunteer is given a bag with 6 magic tricks to keep, which are also available to purchase after the show. Highlights for us were: The Greatest Magician act, everyone was clapping and copying the dance moves. The underpants trick - Scott (6) said “Oh my goodness, they’ve got an even bigger wand, I can’t believe it”; and at the end of show, there’s a motivational chat to the kids about believing in yourself and keep going and never give up on your dreams…. and that this show has been their dream. Sam (9) said “I thought at the end of the show, was very emotional”, he seemed genuinely moved by the speech. After the show, you can even get your photograph taken with the cast.

Brilliant family entertainment. My kids played with their wands all the way home.


Our young reviewer says:


"I am going to be a Magician when I am older" - Scott, aged 6


Reviewed on 8th August 2019


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