Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of The First King of England in a Dress


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


The First King of England in a Dress is based on an old English folktale and is told by three performers with lots of help from the audience. It is a fun hour with inventive costumes and props, storytelling, songs (which everyone joins in with) and even a lyre as the authentic musical accompaniment.

The performers are great, very likeable and they immediately struck up a rapport with the audience - the venue helps as it is small and the seats are arranged round three sides of the stage, so everyone has a great view - and the show feels more like a conversation than something just to be watched. In amongst the mophead wigs, eel stew and general silliness were lots of interesting facts and the audience (which the day we saw it spanned the recommended age range of 4-11, plus adults of course) was engaged and enjoying it throughout.

The cast got a big round of applause at the end and everyone left with smiles on their faces.


Our young reviewers say:


"The stories were good and I really liked the storytelling. It was played really well and it covered a range of ages.” - Heather, aged 10

“It was enjoyable, fun and interactive. I liked it!” - Doris, aged 11


Reviewed on 15th August 2019


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