Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of First Piano on the Moon: Will Pickvance


Our Primary Times' review:


First Piano on the Moon is a one person show by Will Pickvance, a talented pianist and storyteller. The premise of the show is Will’s recollections of a key childhood event, all described with both words and music as he sits at the piano. Young William wasn’t having a great time at school, too much daydreaming his school report says, and William assumes a letter to his parents in his school bag will say more of the same. In fact, it is an invitation to perform in Salzburg as part of the celebrations to commemorate Mozart’s birthday.

What follows is a delightful tale of his trip to Austria and his adventures there, all accompanied by wonderful piano playing, flights of fancy and Mozart’s birthday cake (my daughter recommends you sit near the front if you want a slice!).

This is not a show with lots of action, but is a lovely, engaging tale about the power of the imagination, lightly touching on how everyone has different strengths, and filled with inspiring and enjoyable piano playing.

My 11 year old daughter and I throughly enjoyed First Piano on the Moon, and it seemed that that everyone else in the packed venue agreed, judging by the applause at the end.


Our young reviewers say:


“Good music, talented musician - I enjoyed watching it!” Doris, aged 11


Reviewed on 5th August 2019


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