Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Feast of Fools


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


The sign on the door said "audience participation" - and there was definitely that in this charming, entertaining and rather original show. No being hauled on to stage for humiliation though, this was participation of a rather more gentle kind.

Feast of Fools is set in one not particularly large room with one row of chairs set against the walls. The space in the centre is taken up with a circle of paper plates, paper napkins and felt tips, set out like a giant floor table. Our storyteller Daniel Serridge got us to vote on two different menus - delicious or disgusting. My son, being a nine-year-old boy, chose disgusting but we were outvoted and so our menu of stories of delicious tales about food from around the world began - a starter from Japan, a main course from Hungary and a dessert from Scotland.

Daniel was sitting in a chair in the circle with the "audience" - although we didn't feel like an audience, more just listeners and the sound effects department; the participation involved providing the noises of fairies' gasps, bakers whisking, husbands grumbling... The felt tips were at one point chopsticks, at another used to create a unique dish for a king on the paper plate.

was a compelling and expressive storyteller - I did think his rich and evocative language might have been hard for some youngsters to understand but when I looked around there were several younger ones lying on their front, hands cupping their face, listening entranced. And, interestingly, a couple of teenagers who seemed to be enjoying it just as much. All rather delicious and satisfying!


Our young reviewer says:


My 9 year old son said: "Every story made me laugh, especially the Japanese one about how they copied" - nine year old


Reviewed on 6th August 2019


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