Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Fablesmiths


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


Fablesmiths is a show about two Fablesmiths who look after stories in a type of library. The characters explain that they have the ability to walk the pages of stories and enact what is happening. They use these skills to tell three tales: The Waler Dragon; The Tin Soldier; and Rumpelskilstkin.

The two performers use some props and costumes to play the different roles and tell the stories, with the help of music and puppets. The show is aimed at 5+ and provides a good re-telling of these three folk stories. The staging cleverly uses three wooden boxes which contain an array of different props to help the fablesmiths tell the stories.

The two performers are multi talented and engage well with young children. The show is in a small theatre where chairs are level with the stage, but it is easy for kids to see.


Our young reviewers say:

Rachel, 9, said: “The show was funny. I liked hearing the stories. My favourite story was Rumpelstilskin.”

Thomas, 10, said “I liked how they played different characters and it was funny how they explained the different stories.”



Reviewed on 2nd August 2019


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