Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Erth's Dinosaur Zoo


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


This show is an absolute must for all dinosaur lovers. This international hit brings a selection of dinosaurs, from babies to the largest carnivores that walked the earth and engages this viewers in real science of palaeontology. It's a fabulous way to learn about dinosaurs and also to gain perspective on the actual size of the creatures.

The puppets themselves are fantastic and are very life-like, but these are slightly more friendly than what the dinosaurs would really be like. There are some really fun audience participation moments for the kids and some for the slightly braver kids. The Zoo keeper was great at engaging with the kids and some jokes to keep the adults entertained.

Fabulous show for those (young and old) who have always wanted to get up close to dinosaurs and also sometimes the opportunity to meet them at the end. Astrid's favourite bit was when a dinosaur had a sore tooth and when another ate some flowers. She was over the moon to get to meet a baby triceratops, that totally made her day. Great show, highly recommended for young and old.


Our young reviewer says:


"Mummy the poor T Rex had a sore tooth"

"I want a baby triceratops"

"Look, the dinosaur is eating plants" - Astrid, aged 3 and 10 months


Reviewed on 1st August 2019


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