Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Elements of Freestyle


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


Calling all urban arts lovers! This is a must for kids and adults who will love this fantastic display of skateboard, free running/parkour, BMX flatland, inline skating, breakdancing and freestyle basketball.

The set consists of 4 big quarter pipes and scaffold frames, some flashing lights and adrenaline-fuelled explosion of extreme urban sports, music and theatre by ISH Dance Collective.

Kids were transfixed with the skill of Dez Maarsen on the BMX , impressive basketball work of Michael van Beek and much more. My son really likes this sort of stuff and he was totally blown away by it.

It's a show which is best suited to 5 years and up and super enjoyable for all kids and adults and especially those into urban arts and sports.


Our young reviewer says:


""I really love the roller blades and skateboards"

"I want to do parkour/freerunning"

"Do you think i could do that with my mountain bike?"

"It was awesome mummy"

"The best!"- Aiden, aged 7


Reviewed on 8th August 2019


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