Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of The Dark Room (for kids)


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


The Dark Room is a unique and captivating show that basically involves different audience members choosing from four options in an old school style computer game, hosted by John Robertson, who has huge amounts of energy and banter that holds the show together.

The premise may be simple, but it works so well and had the kids and I in stitches. The age range for this show is 11+ but this is largely due to some swearing. My kids are 9 and 10 and loved the show. There were also other younger children in the audience who were equally captivated.

Different audience members are selected to choose what happens, normally from a choice of four on screen, when “you awake to find yourself in a dark room”. Choosing the wrong options leads to death, and cheers of “ya die ya die ya die” as the audience quickly pick up the catchphrases. Star prizes for failed contestants included baked beans and a smelly sock.

My son loves computer games, while my daughter doesn’t, but both kids loved this show and would highly recommend it.


Our young reviewers say:


Rachel, 9, said “The catchphrases were really funny. I like it when the audience were asked for their views on whether players should live.”

Thomas, 10, said “It was very funny. I liked it when one of the contestants won beans and there was a beans tornado. It is one of my favourite shows I have seen at the Fringe.”


Reviewed on 1st August 2019


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