Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Children's Haunted Underground Experience


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:

The Children’s Haunted Underground Experience starts on the Lawnmarket, where our tour guide Darren immediately captured the group’s interest with promises of spooky stories and gruesome histories. We walked down to Niddry Street, and the entrance to the Vaults, with several stops en route to hear about hangings, burials and graveyards.

There was lots of historical fact mixed in with the stories and the group of children, mostly in the suggested age range of 5-12, were enthralled. Pretty sure the adults were enjoying it too, I know I was. Once we were in the vaults there was a brief stop at a rather gruesome display of torture instruments, then it was full steam ahead with stories of hauntings, ghosts and spooky goings on.

The lights were off for some of it, for most there was very low lighting, the vaults were damp, with uneven floors and dripping, cobwebby ceilings (all natural I think), so a perfect backdrop for Darren’s excellent storytelling skills. He hit exactly the right balance of spookiness and humour, reassuring the children and making sure it didn’t get too frightening.

After the final, and scariest, story we were back at the door ready to head outside and recover in the sunshine and fresh air. The Children’s Haunted Underground Experience was a perfect blend of walking, history and spooky stories in an unusual setting, the two 11 year olds I was with were delighted with the whole experience and talked about it for most of the way home.

Recommended for children who enjoy being scared!


Our young reviewer said:

When I asked my 11 year old daughter what she thought of the Children's Haunted Underground Experience her verdict was “Spookily fantastic! I would give it 5 out of 5 for the spookiness.” While her friend, also 11, thought it was “Terrifying and worth going to, I would give it 5 out of 5 too!”.


Reviewed on 2nd August 2019


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