Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Bugsy Malone


Our Primary Times' review:


Bugsy Malone by Captivate Theatre is a fantastic way to spend 80 minutes, the talented young cast kept us captivated for the duration as the story of gangsters, speakeasies and splurge guns was played out. The dancing and singing was top notch, and the action non-stop.

I was very familiar with the story, having watched the video a lot as a child, my daughter (11) less so (she’d seen the film once or twice a few months ago) so she didn’t pick up on all the different characters and locations, but still had a great time as the energy of the production meant there was always something interesting to watch.

The actors really nailed the accents required, and stayed in character throughout - the wise talking dialogue, mannerisms and period costumes were all faithful to the original. Lots of humour and the likeability of the cast made this a hit for us, great fun!


Our young reviewer says:


My 11 year old daughter said: “They were very talented singers, dancers and actors. I enjoyed watching it.”



Reviewed on 4th August 2019


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