Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Bubble Show: Milkshake and the Winter Bubble


Our Primary Times' review:


Dr Bubble and Milkshake: the Winter Bubble took the unusual step of introducing puppetry into a bubble show -making for a unique experience for the young and old in the audience. Hans Christian Anderson's winter tale 'The Little Match Girl' was the subject of the story, during which bubble tricks were intertwined with some puppetry to bring the story alive.

There is a handout at the end which gives details of the story and also a guide by the NSPCC about how to talk to your children about coping with/discussing about death. The venue is relatively small, and the audience mainly younger children, so the sound quality of the characters can vary, however the backing music was certainly loud and clear - quite loud for some of the little ones near the front.

The lighting and music certainly bring the tale to life, and show some of the great bubble tricks in the best setting. Bubbles inside bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, and even bubbles behind a shadow screen... building to a crescendo of bubbles in the finale after the tale was over. There is also some audience participation as a few lucky children were picked to get foamy muscles and even bubble jewellery.

This is a different take on a straight bubble show, so for those who just want bubbles and tricks without a story or puppets then this may not be the one for you. Hailey (aged 10) loved the mix of theatre and bubbles, but like most of us the best bit of all was the storm of bubbles at the end... where we could pop to our heart's content.


Our young reviewer says:


“Wow it's like a snow storm of bubbles" - Hailey, aged 10



Reviewed on 2nd August 2019


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