Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Blizzard


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


Blizzard, Flip Fabrique, take you on a crazy, poetic and gentle journey where winter has taken over.

With scattered comedy sketches amongst the clever visual poetry of juggling, trampo-wall, acrobatics, areal straps, hula hoops, music alongside a dreamy wintery atmosphere. Blizzard creates a feeling of imagination driven by isolation, fun filled togetherness and an utterly fabulous circus experience.

The performers skills where utterly amazing and had us gasping at some of the acts. Aiden (aged 7 years 10 months) was pretty much utterly amazed and was completely enthralled by the whole experience - he was also totally amused by the comic acts.

His favourite bits was when they were dressing one of the performers up for the cold weather, the trampo-wall and when performers where falling of things to be caught at the bottom. We would go and see it again and again, it was fantastic. Despite its title, it was a breathtaking, warming and friendly circus experience. P.S. My son wants to do this now when he grows up.


Our young reviewers say:


"That was utterly awesome, it was soo great"  

"I loved it"

"It was sooo funny when they put all the clothes on that guy"

"The tongue bit was sooo sooo funny"

"Oh wow!" - Aiden (aged 7 years 10 months)


Reviewed on 4th August 2019


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