Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Big Tops and Tiny Tots Circus Show


Credit Brig Bree photoOur Primary Times' reviewer said:


Big Tops and Tots Circus Show proved to be a great hit with the kids and adults alike.

The show was energetic from start to finish performed by Luth who had us all laughing and applauding throughout. The show had a great variety of circus themed acts including juggling, uni cycling, spinning plates, magic, hula hooping supported by songs and some audience participation. Luth was very engaging throughout and the kids were completely focussed on the show scrabbling to see what she had planned next.

A particular winner was watching the 8 spinning plates spinning and wobbling all at the same time. Each plate had an associated food type. The audience would then have to call out different food types when a plate started to wobble leading to shouts of broccoli, cheese, carrots being screamed at tops of very excited kids and adult voices as the expectant sound of crockery crashing to the ground was saved time after time by Luth.

All in all a great kids show and highly recommended.


Our young reviewer says:


"The juggling was so cool" - Alexander, aged 3


Reviewed on 13th August 2019


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