Primary Times Children's Choice Award review of Beauty and the Beast

Primary Times' reviewer said:

This production tells the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, retelling the well-known story with some new twists and plenty of humour.

Poor Beauty lives with her hopeless father and two selfish sisters. While away to pick up some goods, Beauty’s father stumbles upon the Beast’s castle and picks one of his favourite roses. The Beast is upset and so sends him back to get one of his daughters or he will turn him in to a lasagna! Beauty is volunteered, by her sisters, to go a live with the Beast where the cast of four actors create a wonderful world with enchanted furnishings.

The cast play several characters during the performance with fantastic comedic timing and energy. The audience were invited to participate throughout the performance, from helping to find Beauty’s Dad’s teddy bear to suggesting activities for Beauty and the Beast to do together. There were plenty of great laugh out loud moments, and my daughters favourite characters were Beauty’s sisters. Would definitely recommend going to see!

Our young reviewer said:

'I loved it when the table lost its table cloth'' - Rebecca, aged 7


Reviewed on 2nd August 2019


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