The Butterfly Childrens Choice Award review


The Butterfly

Jaime aged 10 said “I liked learning about theatre, she showed us how she does her make-up and gets into character. The show was hard to describe as it was strange, weird and crazy.”


The Butterfly is definitely a proper Edinburgh Fringe Show, my daughter Jaime described it as strange, weird and crazy and we both came out with huge grins on our faces. It is not like anything either of us had seen before and I think we will both remember it for a long time.

Sophia the Storyteller was a gorgeous, friendly lady,  welcoming us with a wonderful warmth, she gave us a backstage preview, showing us how she gets into character, talking through her make-up and costume and telling us her history which was captivating.

Before starting she explained the show, how she invites the audience to participate, so that they can become the characters, acting out parts of the story, as well as trying a range of interesting musical instruments. There is a maximum of 14 parts for children and Sophia was very clear to say it was entirely up to the children to decide if they wanted to take part or just watch. Making each day a new experience.

Part of the show was done through movement, which was carried out with great energy and enthusiasm. Then the story of the butterfly was told, as it was a small shy audience Sophia's assistant Daniel jumped in to help. He did a very memorable impression of an angry butterfly which will forever make us both smile!

The most special part for us was hearing Sophia speak as she is such a wonderful interesting lady, we would have happily stayed all day to listen to more theatrical stories (and to  hopefully see Daniel do more  performing!) so do get there early and you could get the full backstage experience too.

Reviewed by: Sam Miller

6th August 2016

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