The Play's the Thing: Shakespeare for Kids Reader's Review

The Play's the Thing: Shakespeare for Kids

The Play's The Thing: Shakespeare For Kids is great fun and was thoroughly enjoyed by my whole family. The lively and energetic actors pack the 45 minute show with scenes from some of Shakespeare's best known plays, as well as lots of facts about Shakespeare, his plays and Elizabethan theatre. The frequent costume changes add extra interest as well as helping to keep the various characters straight and there is plenty of commentary from the actors to ensure the audience always knows what is happening.

Lots of comedy ensured we were laughing for much of the show and there was plenty of audience participation to keep everyone on their toes.

My children both had a great time watching The Play's The Thing. My 11 year old son thought 'It was very funny. There was a lot of audience participation. the actors were very good and it was interesting to see parts of the different Shakespeare plays. The costumes were very good. I would recommend it to people who want to find out more about Shakespeare.' while my daughter, 7, said 'I liked it, it was funny. My favourite was the play with Puck in it, Puck was very funny. I liked Puck a lot.' 

We saw the first performance of the show's Fringe run and despite the small audience the cast created an exciting, lively atmosphere within the first few minutes. They kept this pace up throughout the show and I can only imagine it would be even better with a larger audience. Highly recommended as a fun family show!

Suitable for ages 4 and above.

Review by Abigail Fuller 6 August

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