The Odyssey Review

The Odyssey, An Epic Musical Epic Review

Primary Timnes Reader Review Quote: 'Excellent family entertainment...Very highly recommended! '

Audacious Productions from Comberton Village College in Cambridgeshire have brought their excellent new musical version of the classic story ‘The Odyssey’ to the Edinburgh Fringe.  It takes us back to the start of the Trojan War, zooms through the whole wooden horse story and then focuses on the adventures of Odysseus and his distinctly dim crew as they straggle their way home, where the faithful Penelope awaits. 

This is simply one of the very best shows we have seen on the Fringe for years: a remarkable and very impressive achievement for a school-based drama group.  It is fast moving: at just under 2 hours, the time flew by.  The songs are excellent, and very well performed by the large and enthusiastic cast.  The lead roles are consistently strongly and clearly presented, the ensemble pieces performed with gusto.  We particularly enjoyed the performance of Eris, the goddess of discord, as she started to weave her trail of chaos; the song ‘It Sucks to be Dead’ and another track where a ship-full of jaded seamen praised the delights of cheese.  Yup.  Cheese! And very funny it was too.  Let’s say they were relishing the cheesiness of what they were singing… Because this show is funny, with witty songs, funny repartee, puns and a nice sense of irony.

Excellent family entertainment, so long as the family are old enough to sit and enjoy a show for 110 minutes, and will listen and appreciate the wordplay.  Katie (aged 11) said “I thought it was very good, I enjoyed it a lot.  The actors were brilliant, the songs were catchy and the story was easy to follow”.  I couldn’t agree more.  Very highly recommended!  And next year I’ll be looking out for Audacious, hoping they will come to visit Edinburgh again.  More details about the work of this talented theatre company at .



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