Gunge! A Show With Gunge In It Reader's Review

Gunge! A Show With Gunge In It

A girls and a boys team, each with 2 members competing for points – there’s no winner, just the losing team captain gunged – green and gooey! Lee the host brings high energy and silliness to the stage and invites the team to participate in the craziest of challenges.

The girls introduced themselves by performing the splits while singing opera together with Russian dancing. The boys were equally entertaining with Irish dancing and ‘skilled’ ninja moves! The variety of craziness to win points had the crowd laughing from start to finish – inviting the audience to pick an everyday object to be used in a rap song was impressive.

There was eating of a fresh chilli washed down with lemon juice, singing along to famous Disney songs - changing accents along the way and the ‘Insultorama’ round where the crowd could join in with the insults.

Each team member was super funny and talented and so it was a brilliant combination for a crazy competition. A complete riot and everything you want from a boys versus girls competition. Mac “the words you shouldn’t say were hilarious” (age 11) Connie (age 6) “I’m glad the girls team won”.

Reviewed by Dianne Sanderson 16 August

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