The Garden Man Reader's Review

The Garden Man 

Primary Times reader quote

"I loved all the different animals that we met, they all had really funny voices"

- Hailey aged 7 

The venue for this show was small and Intimate but ideal for the content. Primarily using puppetry and music the two performers were very engaging, talking to all the children before the show started, and very keen to hear what they had to say.

This gentle tale teaches us the value of caring and helping others as non-human 'The Garden Man' strives to deliver a lost teddy to Its owner. Each child (and adult) was Involved In The Garden Man's journey and Hailey liked being part of the show this way, Instead of just sitting back and watching.

There was lots of laughter throughout the show as The Garden Man demonstrates some pretty human emotions.

Hailey summed things up nicely by saying, "Just because there are puppets doesn't mean the show Isn't as good…It was cool."

Suitable for ages 4 - 12

Reviewed by Alison Pollock 12 August

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