Ferdinand Reader's Review


This was indeed a poignant story, told by one actor. It is a story of a single father, whose wife has died, trying to bring up his son alone. This child's favourite book is the classic tale of Ferdinand, the bull who did not wish to participate in the bullfight, and this story is used to reflect how father and son feel. The father often has to work late, and is bullied by his boss at work. As the story unfolds, we find that the child is also bullied at school, and we get the eventual reaction of both father and son to the situation.

The audience was completely rapt, and at times the story was very sad. The final line of the play was "Do you want to be the bully, or the bull?" 

Callum, aged 12, said it was the best thing he had seen this year, and Ewan, aged 9 said, "It has taught me two things... it's hard to be an adult, and it's hard to be a child."

Highly recommended for this age range, and adults.

Reviewed by Sheena Gillespie 20 August

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