Raviv can change how you learn…

Reap the benefits with Raviv Scotland’s physical exercise programmes stimulating brain activity and helping overcome learning difficulties.

Develop natural learning and essential life skills with Raviv to help improve reading, writing, Maths, motor-skills, memory, ADHD, confidence and self-esteem.

Raviv Scotland can provide the helping hand needed to develop that passion for learning. Seeing that lightbulb moment when struggling to learn becomes hungry to learn, makes helping to overcome learning difficulties so rewarding.

Raviv’s physical exercise programmes work with repetition to develop the brain skills and mindset attributes required to become a successful learner.

Fast ForWord’s online programmes prepare the brain to help improve language and cognitive skills, helping to develop vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Raviv supports Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, stroke and brain injury students.

What works for one session may not be right for the next session, therefore the necessary accommodations will be made to enable continued successful progress.

The Raviv Method and Fast ForWord programmes are suitable from five years to adult.

For further details please contact Karen: 07711 623605 | k.wexelstein1@gmail.com


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