Nutritious meal options for your little ones when your short on time

Providing a quick, nutritious meal for your children has never been easier with the Kidz range by Scotland’s favourite ready meal brand McIntosh of Strathmore. Available now in Tesco and Asda stores across the country, the Kidz range brings a selection of well-balanced meals that only take 3 minutes to heat in the microwave.

The meals can be enjoyed by children aged 3 years and over, offering something to suit every taste with a choice of Macaroni Cheese, Pasta Bolognese, Sausage Beans and Mash or a Cheesy Tomato Pasta. As well as being tasty and fun, they are low in both sugar and salt and don’t contain any “funny stuff” such as artificial additives, preservatives, chemicals, spanners or unicorns. What’s more is that each meal contains at least 1 of their 5 a day, even the macaroni cheese which contains vegetables that they won’t be able notice.

So, whether you need a quick lunch for the wee ones during an action-packed weekend or you’re too exhausted to cook after a busy day at work, the McIntosh Kidz range is the perfect solution – it’s purely good stuff with no funny stuff!

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