High Jinx Magic and Illuson Show Reader's Review

High Jinx Magic and Illusion Show

Primary Times reader quote

"I definitely liked the end too, it was good to tell the audience how he got into magic and creating a trick out of that."

- Sarah aged 10

Walk into the Spiegeltent and you will be greeted by a modestly sized stage featuring a series of boxes. Cue energizing music and the High Jinx dance trio welcome the audience, to an energetic routine that sets the pace for the whole show. In the words of Addie (aged 10),

"It looked mysterious and interesting. The beginning was different and unique."

Set to music, there is an impressive entrance from Michael Jordan, who literally appears by magic and then proceeds to entertain with a packed performance comprising tricks, illusions and skills that leave you wondering not just how he does it, but how he does it in a such a limited space and so effortlessly. Assistant Jo Renzulli plays her part to perfection throughout.

Michael is a natural performer and entertainer, clearly comfortable in the gaze of a diverse audience, that includes aspiring magicians from as young as four. Audience participation is light hearted and well balanced and punctuates a show that has everyone’s eyes glued to the stage. Michael brings a warm, personal touch and Sarah (aged 10) found his delivery particularly engaging.

High Jinx is jam packed with magical content and delivered by a skillful team of artists, who clearly love what they do. This show is a masterpiece in illusion and Michael Jordan’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Anyone looking for magic at close range need look no further. High Jinx will surely inspire many magicians of the future – my two young companions were certainly keen to learn some tricks from the High Jinx Book of Secrets.

This show is a U.

Reviewed by Beth Cameron 7 August

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