Bright futures for theatre trained students

If you think being a parent in today’s world is hard, take a moment to consider what it is like for children. With increased pressure from school, distractions with social media and the normal teenage angst, it is no wonder many young people are feeling lost. In fact, it is commonly reported that being a teenage is harder than being an adult. Their bodies are changing physically and mentally, many are not getting enough sleep and on top of all that, trying to decide what to do with the rest of their life is something that can cause real concern. Every year, Dragons’ Den backed theatre school Razzamataz Derby decides on a new theme to best help it’s students. This year we are focusing on ‘What will you become?’ #BrightFuturesAtRazzamataz. Principal of Razzamataz Derby Shanley explains: “We have lots of students who have gone on to make performing arts their careers, but equally, we have many that have used the life skills they have learnt at Razzamataz to fi nd the confi dence to pursue a wide variety of jobs. Our role is to empower young people to have a positive mindset and to build resilience.”

Shanley Booth- Principal Razzamataz Derby

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