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 Fantastic YouTube channels your kids will love

We have compiled a list of high quality You Tube channels for a variety of subjects and ages that we hope our readers will find useful – please see below and if you have any suggestions for other You Tube channels we should add, please email  

As with all online content, parental discretion is advised.  We also suggest that you take a look at the YouTube Kids app - which is available on Google Play and the App Store but not currently on desktop, as it filters out more inappropriate content and is specially designed to have a kid-friendly interface.

The Internet Matters website has great advice on how to use YouTube Kids safely here as well as how to implement the restricted mode on the regular version here  


BBC Teach

Contains thousands of free curriculum linked videos produced by the BBC – all arranged by subject and age group


BBC Earth 

This channel is  full of clips and compilations from the BBC’s vast archive of nature documentaries.  Some videos feature scenes of animal death and violence so probably more suitable for older children or when watched with an adult



Clips from the most popular CBBC shows, interviews and songs



CBeebies aimed at younger children.  Includes Numberblocks, Alphablocks and Bedtime Stories.



Cartooning Club Junior

This channel contains easy-to-follow drawing tutorials showing children how to draw original and popular characters throughout step-by-step instructions



Cosmic Kids Yoga

A favourite here at Primary Times – hundreds of fantastic kids focussed yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos for kids.  Many are themed around well-known characters and stories. 


Crash Course Kids

This American YouTube channel looks at themes around science including Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Geoography, Engineering and Astronomy - see the playlists on each subject


The DadLab  - science, craft and art activities.  Aimed at younger children but plenty of fun things that older ones might be interested in -


Mindful Kids

This channel contains gentle visuals and relaxing music for kids (and adults) to exercise mindfulness activities to


National Geographic Kids

Fantastic short films with high quality science and nature films and animations


PBS Kids

This American channel is aimed at 2 to 8 year olds and has over 3,500 videos full of educational content on a huge range of subjects and craft demonstrations



Ryan's World

In this long-running channel with over 3 million subscribers, we join Ryan and his family doing lots of fun things like pretend play, science experiments, music videos, skits, challenges, DIY arts and crafts and more.



Sesame Street

This channel needs almost no introduction – short clips from the classic series both modern and older, with an option to view them in themed playlists such as ‘healthy habits’ and ‘back to school’. and contains over 3000 videos for all tastes




An extension of the world famous ‘TED Talks’ – this channel has a fantastic array of high quality educational videos for children  on an incredible range of subjects including history, riddles, nature, science, the arts and much more


Khan Academy

This American-based channel has over 8000 videos covering a wide age range and subjects for school-age children




Young explorers can learn more about space, see high definition space videos and hear astronauts answer popular questions



This channel from the highly-regarded education providers has resources and activities for primary school aged children and educators




Houston Zoo

This world famous zoo has hundreds of wonderful videos of their animals including their babies as well as opportunities to hear from their staff.



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