Win a Harry Potter Lex-Go!

Closing Date: 2nd January 2020

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Whether you are looking for a gift, or something to play with the family, here are some of the best board games this winter, for all ages.

Lex-GO! is one 'L' of a super-fast word game. Race against other players to get rid of all your playing card tiles by creating words, swapping letters and even attacking other players' words. In this special Harry Potter Lex-Go!, there are 4 spell tiles to increase your chances of winning, the Polyjuice Potion tile can be used as any letter and if you can spell the word SNITCH you win the round! This past paced, word tile game comes in a neat, canvas bag - great for on-the-go.

Harry Potter Lex-Go! is available
from Waterstones | RRP £14.99


We are giving 4 lucky entrants the chance to win a Harry Potter Lex-Go! for your chance to win, simply answer the following question: 

How many vowels are in the word SNITCH?

*Winners will only be selected from our keep up to date subscribers

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