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Closing Date: 21st July 2019

Professor Robert Winston answers 100 big questions from kids around the world


Ask A Scientist is published by DK, priced £9.99.

Inspired by the many questions posed by his grandchildren over the years, and his many school visits, Professor Robert Winston’s new book Ask A Scientist tackles 100 big questions from inquisitive children that most of us, wouldn’t even dare ask.


Aimed at readers aged 7 and upwards, Ask A Scientist offers young readers an alternative way to learn about science. The 100 questions in the book are from real children from all over the world, including UK, Europe, America, Canada, India, Japan and China. Children were invited to send their most curious questions to Robert, and the ones chosen to feature in the book were carefully selected to cover the main science topics- chemistry, physics, the human body, Earth, Space and the natural world.


Robert answers each question in a charming and fascinating way, from ‘Why do the stars twinkle?’ and ‘Why is the sky blue?’ to ‘Do dogs cry?’ and ‘Why don’t jellyfish tentacles get tangled?’ - each answer is explained clearly with fun details that children can understand. Images and photography feature on each spread to help readers grasp tricky scientific concepts, interesting facts and diagrams are also used to demonstrate each answer.


Ask A Scientist is the perfect book for quizzical young readers wanting to know more about science and the world we live in. Not only is it a great book for children who find science a challenging subject, it also offers readers a new way to learn about different science subjects in a fun and friendly way. So, if you have ever wondered if a butterfly remembers its time as a caterpillar, or how a honey bee knows what job to do, Ask A Scientist will tell you why and will leave you wanting to know even more.


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