£1 gifted to a food bank with every purchase of new children’s book 
4 million children live in homes without adequate access to food

Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure is a new children’s book – available now.   It’s the uplifting story of a little boy called Jay and some magical condiments coming to life.  Published in support of Bankuet, the UK’s first online food bank donation platform and number one supplier to food banks, it’s a timely tale that teaches children, and grown-ups, about need, giving, receiving and how we can all make a difference.

This is the first book from Purple Mash Publishing, a new venture from the makers of the much-loved children’s creative learning platform, Purple Mash.   The book explores a key issue, encouraging readers to think about children who might be going hungry, in a fun and relatable story.  For many food bank users, the hardest part is admitting they need help.  This book tackles the stigma around using food banks, whilst also raising much needed funds.  For every Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure book sold, £1 will go directly on buying supplies for food banks in the Bankuet network.  

Four million children live in homes without adequate access to food*.   According to Bankuet, there’s expected to be a 61% increase in demand at food banks this winter, as many people who don’t normally seek support find themselves using a food bank for the first time, as already stretched family budgets feel the pressure.  This is combined with the fact food banks see an immediate jump in demand as school holidays start.

Using fun rhyming language, Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure is ideal for children aged 7 -11yrs for self-reading, and for children aged 4yrs+ for reading with an adult.  It tells the story of Jay, a little boy who loves ketchup, he has it with everything!  But when Jay’s mum loses her job things get tough for the family and Jay starts going to school with a rumbling tummy.  There’s a food bank in town that can help, but Jay’s mum refuses to go.  Everything changes when Jay’s favourite sauce comes to life as Kobe Ketchup - a talking superhero dressed in a cape, who helps save the day.

The story addresses the importance of children having someone to talk to, and shines a light on the vital services provided by food banks.  It’s a wonderful and uplifting story that helps to educate children and grown-ups so they understand the reality better and how they can help.

Who is Bankuet
Bankuet is an innovative online food donation platform (www.bankuet.co.uk) which uses technology in smart ways to support a network of food banks across the UK.  Rather than giving items to food bank collection points, donors give monetary donations via the website, which enables Bankuet to deliver the essential supplies food banks need, when they need them, and with zero waste – all whilst making it easier for people to give.  For every £1 donated Bankuet is able to deliver more than £1 worth of supplies to its food banks because it buys in bulk. 

Robin Ferris, CEO of Bankuet, says: “We live in a country where people shouldnʼt be going hungry. But the sad reality is they do. The least we can do is to make sure food banks get the essentials they need, when they need them - so they can support the most vulnerable in our society.  This fantastic new book, Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure, shines a light on the issue and helps children grasp the importance of kindness, caring and sharing.  The donations from all sales mean we can help more hungry families get the essential food, and non-food items, they need, so less children go without food and feel hungry like Jay.” 

Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure – stockists and prices
Written by Madelaine Black, illustrated by Shirley Waismann, Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure is available from December (and is available to pre-order) online at purplemashpublishing.com, Amazon and Waterstones. The book costs £8.99 and £1 from each sale will go directly to Bankuet.

Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure is published by Purple Mash Publishing, the curriculum resource loved by teachers and parents.  All schools can access free Kobe teaching resources and Purple Mash subscribers benefit from additional online interactive resources. 



Purple Mash Publishing, Company Founder, Nigel Canin, says: “The goal of Purple Mash Publishing is to raise awareness around important issues through stories that kids love reading and by teaming up with incredible organisations like Bankuet. As well as raising money through book sales we really hope that Kobe Ketchup helps to reduce the stigma around using food banks and encourages people to volunteer.” 

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Instagram: @2simplesoftware, @bankuet

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