Perfect time to visit Linton Zoo

Linton Zoo has had a fantastic breeding season this year with some very exciting births and hatchings. Especially cute are the twin binturong cubs born on 13th April. Natural entertainers, the twin’s mischievousactivities, especially when dangling from a branch by their prehensile tail, showing off their ability to climb upside down, are keeping the visitors enraptured. Primarily a breeding centre for endangered species and a place to learn, Linton Zoo is home to some very exciting animals which include magnificent tigers, lions, snow leopard, tapirs, kangaroo, Eastern quoll, mountain zebra, lemurs, giant tortoises, lots of birds and some unusual reptiles.

The team have developed a range of new talks and activities to get you much closer to some of the animals, whilst giving you more information about our conservation projects. To get the best from your visit make sure you allow time to go around a couple of times and so that you don’t miss anything and plan your outing before you come by checking our website for all the scheduled talks and activities.

The Zoo is open daily, with an admission fee of £11.00 for an adult and £8.50 for children 2 to 13 years. There is also a basic children’s play area, free parking within the zoo grounds, coffee shop and all other usual facilities.

For more information, visit our website , call us on 01223 891308, email or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest news, stories and cute pictures

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