Local Schoolgirl Wins Prestigious Performing Arts Scholarship

Harriet Silk, wage 12, has been awarded a prestigious scholarship in association with The Stage newspaper to attend Razzamataz Cambridge for a year completely free of charge. Harriet was praised for her singing performance - judges were particularly impressed by Harriet’s “brave song choice and vocal range”.

Harriet was delighted when she heard the news and it has given her an enormous boost of confidence. “I felt really great and surprised! I couldn’t stop smiling and can’t believe I won! I love Razz because I get to do what I love with all my friends I’ve made through Razz; we all support each other in everything we do. I am learning so much at Razz and want to be part of it for many years to come. I love the feeling I get when I perform and I appreciate everybody that has helped me.”

To find out more about opportunities at Razzamataz Cambridge email cambridge@razzamataz.co.uk

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