One Snowy Night

16th November-28th December 2021

This event has ended. Click here to view the details anyway.

Address: Birmingham, B12 9QH
Venue: Midlands Arts Centre - MAC

As Percy goes to sleep after a hard day sweeping leaves, he’s woken by a knock at his door. Who could it be on a night like this? It’s Squirrel, cold and shivering on the porch and looking for somewhere warm to sleep. There’s nowhere warmer than Percy’s bed – but it soon becomes a fur and feather-filled squeeze as all the freezing park animals come in from the cold. Fox, Badger, Hedgehog and friends warm their collective paws (and claws) in Percy’s home until they, too, are disturbed by a little something burrowing into the hut from below! Suitable for age 4+

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