Primary Times Children's Choice Awards Review of Just William's Luck


What a “jolly” lovely show!  It was like stepping into a story book: the show is all about William and his chums (Douglas, Ginger and Henry) – the Outlaws, playing at knights (Gnights) of the square table. The Outlaws are looking to “right the wrongs” and become known all around the world like King Arthur.  

The actors are very convincing children, with fake facts, fights and squabbles - William is the leader and the hilarious Violet Elizabeth is allowed (begrudgingly) to be a Lady Gnight – only because she threatens to “I'll thcream and thcream and thcream 'till I'm thick”!    

Ginger has been given a bike from his brother (because he just got married and bought a motorbike), the Outlaws thought what a brilliant idea it would be to marry off their brothers, so they too could get a bike.  There then ensues a series of proposals (by the little brothers, unknown to their big brothers).  William proposing to a very tired movie star Gloria Gay was delightful to watch.  

The props are wonderfully creative – like Ethel’s hair being a mop head! Our favourites were the bike, the front door, dinner table and the ‘bad guys’!  

The Outlaws adventure takes them to the manor house, where they try to scare the inhabitants so they can have a house to offer Gloria Gay so, she would accept Robert’s (William’s brother) proposal.  However, the inhabitants turn out to be fur thieves and kidnap the children, but like all good childrens adventures, William and his chums are rescued and hailed as heroes.  

It was fast paced with lots of action that it would keep the attention of any child, really enjoyable.


Children's quotes


"I liked when the boys were fighting" - "I really liked it and I think Violet Elizabeth is in love with William" - Ben, aged 7.


Reviewed 8th August 2018

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