Primary Times Children's Choice Award review of Fisherman's Tail


Fisherman’s Tales is performed by four men and a lady who are amazingly talented! They all sing and play all the instruments in the play including a Double Bass which is bigger than most people. There are also traditional sea shanty instruments like an accordion, whistles and traditional (bodhran) drum.  

The performance is the story of Jesus and his fishermen disciples and how they met and some of the adventures they had, all told through really fantastic songs.  

It’s a bit like CBBC's Horrible Histories in that the songs tell the stories and don’t always take themselves too seriously but tell the story in a really engaging way.  I found the way the story was told made it really accessible and the actors put so much energy into the performance it was hard not to get swept up in it!  

There was a bit of a sad song about Jesus’ crucifixion which I personally found quite emotional but the kids were totally unaffected, I think they just thought it was a “pretty” song but maybe one to watch for.  If you like raucous traditional style songs, lovely harmonies and a hearty pinch of good humour than this is worth a watch – very enjoyable for all. 


Children's quotes


“It was brilliant! It was great because the music didn’t come out of speakers – it was live proper instruments and proper musicians” - Donald, aged 9  

“I liked the bit where they were all screaming in the boat cos they were really scared and I liked the songs” - Hugh, aged 5.


Reviewed 13th August 2018


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