Primary Times Children's Choice Award Review of David Baddiel's AniMalcolm


Malcolm is a boy who hates animals but his family loves animals and have loads of pets. In fact his family love animals soo much that they have visit the zoo every Sunday! Even on Malcolms birthday. The only thing he is looking forward to it the school trip and he finds out it to a farm full of animals. But this turns out to me no ordinary trip to a farm and it's riddled with strange goings on. But as Malcolm starts to understand animals more, will he still dislike animals so much?

This is a really good adaption of  David Baddiel’s book with a great adaptable set, great animal costumes, lots of humour that had the kids in stitches and super acting.

Aiden really enjoyed this show and found some of the jokes were absolutely hilarious, he is now also wanting the books. A really lively show for all the family - even my 3 year old enjoyed the show as she loved the animals.

This show is a must-see for David Baddiel book fans and those who want a good mixture of drama, magic and humour.  


Children's quotes


Aiden, aged 6 3/4: "I thought it was great and I liked the music and singing" -  "Goaty McGoat face was the best!"- "The apes' poo fight was really funny!"

Astrid, aged 3: "I loved the horsey and the cat".


Reviewed 10th August 2018


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