Primary Times Children's Choice Award review of Signor Baffo's Restaurant


This is a funny, interactive show from the people who have produced the sell out Fawlty Towers Dining Experience (since 2008). 

We first meet Signor Baffo in his signature black and white square trousers, running up and down the stairs looking for his ingredients, which he had lost, just like he might have been a real chef at the Principal Hotel.    

Just like Manuel from Fawlty Towers (who the star of the show also plays in the Dining Experience) there was plenty of slapstick, pantomime calling out, (groansome) puns and silly humour.  It's slick with a bright and colourful kitchen and S. Baffo masterfully manages the props to comic effect.    

S. Baffo (chief washer-uper) is left in charge one day when the chef is off sick. Needless to say S. Baffo breaks everything he touches - never mind, I'll fix that later, he repeatedly says.  But, with the help of kids from the audience, S. Baffo works through the To Do list, like how do you make a sausage roll or how do you get a hen to lay an egg? It’s even sillier than you think – but there are some serious messages – like when to say ‘Please’.    

Two lucky contestants volunteered to help make the final dish, pancakes and got to dress up in fancy chef outfits even if the little girl looked a bit daunted when she was offered safety goggles for 'Safe and Healthy' before ingredients were launched into the bowl!    

I won't spoil the ending for you, but if you fancy a hoot for all the family, you can't go wrong picking this show!

Now located in the plush Principal Hotel, (previously the George Hotel) on George Street, make sure you arrive early to tell the staff if your kids have any dietary requirements and, grown-ups, to order your hot drink for the end.   


Children's quotes


Charlotte (aged 7 said):  "I'd give it 5 stars as it has everything: it's funny, there's plenty for kids to do and you get a chocolate pancake and give away stuff at the end!"     

Rose (Charlotte's twin) said she loved it because the kids got to join in.  


Reviewed 9th August 2018


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