Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Spec-tacular


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


What every children’s show should be, full of adventure, fun and the importance of your imagination.

This is the story of Starla, a little girl with a big imagination. Living with her mum, she enjoys going on adventures and saving the world in her bedroom with Caterpillar, Mr Marshmallow and a buzzy bee. Until she realizes there is a big problem that needs to be solved in her real life. With the help of Mrs Marigold, her wonderful next door neighbour, an old lady who’s tales of adventure surpass even Starla’s.

Telling stories of crossing jungle living only in an umbrella, she teaches Starla the importance of believing in yourself. Mrs Marigold gives Starla a very special new pair of glasses which help her see the world differently, her toys come to life to help her solve her problem. Puppetry, expertly done by the cast who bring huge character to the animals. Working together and believing in themselves they manage to help Starla’s mum remember her passion and achieve her dreams.

Would hugely recommend going to see, this was my daughter’s favourite show this Edinburgh Festival!


Our young reviewer says:


"'This was the best show ever" - Rebecca, aged 7


Reviewed on 9th August 2019


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