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One of our children's quotes from last years Edinburgh Fringe Festival Childrens shows said:

"I loved the singing and dancing and joined in.  Their costumes were nice and sparkly. My favourite colour was red, she does the splits really cool and all their dancing was fabulous.  I liked the music too. All the colours are separate and you can mix them to make something beautiful".

360 Allstars


Aug 2-12, (not the 6th)  14-27    4.00pm

Assembly Hall, Mound Place, EH1 2LU

360 Allstars is a spectacular fusion of the extraordinary artistry that emerges from street culture. Featuring a stunning live soundtrack performed by award-winning master musicians and spectacular video projections, 360 Allstars is as aurally exciting as it is visually astounding. A supercharged performance, that will leave you dizzy with excitement.

Suitability: 3+

Box office: 0131 623 3030

Primary Times Children's Choice Award review



A Cockroach and Funny Blurry Things

Aug 4 - 12, 14 - 25    10.45am

Lochend Close, EH8 8BL

A sad and lonely cockroach climbs out from a cardboard box; she doesn't know where she is and there in front of her is a group of furry blurry fluffy things. What is she to do? Will she find some friends? Will the other creatures accept her? This is a charming and funny puppetry show for children and their family. Let's join the adventure of the brave cockroach.

Suitability: 5+ (5 and older)

Box office: 07074 201 313


A Dragon in the Family


Aug 5 - 19    11.50am

Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ

All the best stories begin with a game. When Gilly finds an abandoned cave deep in the mountains, a strange-looking stone is discovered. Could it be... a dragon egg? With storytelling, puppets and live harp music, this exciting adventure comes to life. 

Suitability: 0+ (0-12)

Box Office:  0131 556 6550


A Good Enough Girl? 


2-13, 15-20, 22-27 Aug   10:50am

Assembly George Square Theatre, George Square,    EH8 9LH

It’s 2025 - a world of mystery, spies and secret missions. The history of women has been erased but in every regime there’s a resistance… are you courageous enough to write their stories all over again..?! An exhilarating celebration of the inspiration and courage of women; an adventure where the boys and girls are integral to the action! 

Original concept by Xana Marwick (BBC New Talent 2017) and created by the company with dialogue by Gowan Calder, directed by Fringe First winner Kate Nelson. A Greenwich Theatre, Scene Change Productions and Nutshell Theatre co-production.

Suitability: 8+

Box Office: 0131 623 3030

Primary Times Children's Choice Award review



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