Learn British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL) is a recognised minority language, used by 125 000 deaf adults and 20 000 children in the UK.  Yet, few children have the opportunity to learn this fun, visual language.  BSL Club is a new YouTube channel, bursting with colourful, appealing videos, specially created to teach children BSL and introduce them to the world of Deaf culture.

BSL is a real language, with its own grammar and syntax, distinct from English.  It is made of handshapes, lip patterns, gestures and body language.  BSL Club videos break this down, step-by-step, with repetition, so that children will understand and follow-along.  Children will enjoy the animations, pictures and engaging quizzes that build their comprehension skills.  

Research shows that learning BSL can increase children’s ability to problem-solve, multi-task and to think critically.

Visit BSL Club on YouTube to subscribe to the channel.  New videos are uploaded weekly.  For more information, visit the BSL Club Facebook Fan page or email yourbslclub@gmail.com.



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