17th May-31st December 2022

Time: 10am-5pm
Address: Liberty Way, SR6 0GL
Venue: National Glass Centre

You'll never look at, or through, glass in the same way again. Discover how glass arrived in Britain, how it's made and how it's become something we all take for granted at the National Glass Centre. Learn how Benedict Biscop first brought glass making to Sunderland, and Britain, in the 7th Century AD to produce glass for the impressive windows at Bishopwearmouth Monastery. Find out how the craftsmen of Sunderland went on to produce some of the finest glass in the world for century after century. Marvel at the latest glass and ceramic art from some of the world's top artists and new artists studying at the National Glass Centre. Then feel the heat of the furnace and witness for yourself the skill of the glass blower during a glass making demonstration. Due to possible changes in light of covid restrictions, please check opening times / days directly with the venue prior to your visit.

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