Is your child anxious about moving to secondary school?

This transition affects all children in all primary schools but still we are not fully prepared to offer enough support, guidance or necessary tools to help them move safely, smoothly and confidently.

Unfortunately, by the time your child has moved, it is often too late because the anxiety has already taken its toll.

Remarkable Me have tried and tested their service for over 5 years in primary schools and they have come up with the perfect 7-week, after school programme that offers the right amount of support, guidance and education before a child moves on to secondary school. Children are then in a stronger position to make healthier decisions about friendship groups, are more resilient when exposed to new and challenging situations and their general mental and emotional wellbeing is much stronger.

Symptoms of stress and anxiety can cause long term cognitive damage to a child’s brain which is not yet fully developed. Remarkable Me is on a mission to get their programme into all primary schools in the country by 2023 and give these young lives a fighting chance to succeed.

For more information about getting this programme in your school or becoming a Remarkable Me Facilitator and making a real difference to children’s lives, visit, wellbeing experts since 2007.

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