inTuition Clubs

inTuition Clubs provide personalised tuition in Maths and English for small groups of primary aged children.

They also off er tuition programmes from Year 3 to Year 5 to help children prepare for the 11+. Their affordable and modern tuition sessions are delivered by their qualified and experienced tutors, who are passionate about education.

Based on the UK national curriculum, their tuition sessions combine both leading edge technology and physical learning tools within an inspiring environment to ensure your child receives the maximum value from their tuition experience.

Their ethos is rooted in fuelling your child’s ambition and learning aspirations to develop a consistent ‘desire for continuous learning’.

They do this through a praise-based approach where your child will be challenged, recognised and rewarded, as well as having great fun in their state-of the-art centre.

In addition to focusing on academic achievement, they embrace a more rounded and robust approach to assessing your child’s needs when you join them. This assessment enables them to adjust the session content, delivery style and child-tutor communication in a way that is tailored to your child’s optimum learning style.

If you feel your child could benefit from extra support with English and Maths, their tutors are ready to help!

Tel: 020 3092 7280


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