Good news for the Performing Arts

Andreas Schleicher, who is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading educational thinkers, said: “I would say, in the fourth industrial revolution, arts may become more important than maths.” He told a House of Commons inquiry that he believed young people could benefit more from the skills gained through creativity than test based learning.

“We talk about ‘soft skills’ often as social and emotional skills, and hard skills as about science and maths, but it might be the opposite,” he said, suggesting that science and maths may become ‘softer’ in future when the need for them decreases due to technology, and the ‘hard skills’ will be “your curiosity, your leadership, your persistence and your resilience”.

His comments come amid ongoing concerns about the narrowing of the education system in the UK to exclude creativity and prioritise academic subject. At Stagecoach they know that already as they teach children to be more self-assured, expressive, sociable and imaginative and they learn how to tackle situations with resilience, creativity and courage for the stage and beyond.

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