Plant and Share Month 19 April - 19 May 2021

Spring is here! After a long winter lockdown - it’s time to sow seeds of friendship.

Plant and Share Month is all about growing your own and sharing it with those around you. After all, sharing fresh, homegrown produce is such a brilliant way to celebrate local, healthy food that’s good for us as well as the planet.

Whether you’re growing in yoghurt pots in the classroom, or you have a dedicated school allotment spot, Plant and Share Month is a great way for your pupils to connect with where their food comes from.  

In Action
Kingsway Primary School in Leicestershire are a brilliant example of a school who use planting and sharing to bring the community into the school.

This year, pupils will be taking part by ‘sowing a row’ to share. Each class will plant different seeds, and some of these seeds, as well as compost and a recipe, will be shared with neighbours and family members for them to grow and get involved at home. Pupils will then share the produce at their harvest event later on in autumn.

Katie Worth, the Food for Life Lead at Kingsway Primary School said:

"We are excited to be sharing growing and cooking experiences across our local community. We hope that it encourages people to cook with produce they can grow themselves as well as helping people to reconnect and build relationships."

It’s easy to get involved

1. Plant your seeds – there will be prizes for the most original container used!

2. Help them grow - we'll give you everything you need to show you how

3. Share the seedlings, cuttings or plants - and share them with @SAFoodforLife on Twitter using #FFLGetTogethers

We have specially designed resources to help schools get involved. This includes a step-by-step guide that links to key areas of the curriculum for maths, science, citizenship and more, as well as advice for how to sow and grow at home. There's also a separate resource for parents of those children who are home-schooling.

Why Plant and Share?
Covid-19 has made us all realise just how crucial fresh, local food is - and we all have the power to grow it ourselves. Plant and Share Month is the perfect opportunity to get green-fingered on your school plot, or with your window pot.

Food for Life Get Togethers are all about bringing people together using the power of good food - and Plant and Share aims to bring us all closer to our roots – both through food and our communities.

Boost the community spirit in your school and share the joy of growing your own with Plant and Share. Find out more about how to get involved

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