Following the return to school earlier this month, Pasta King promised to provide 60,000 free school meals to children across England, Scotland and Wales by mid April and already 30,000 of these have been distributed.

Pasta King has been producing hot meals for children and young adults for more than 25 years and this distribution underpins their continued commitment to ensuring children enjoy a hot meal for lunch, as research shows that a nutritional lunch can improve academic performance during afternoon classes.

Pasta King CEO Mark Stone has been impressed with the uptake from schools and said, “We are absolutely delighted that we are already halfway to distributing 60,000 free school meals to children up and down the country, with a staggering 30,000 free school meals having been distributed in the past fortnight. We wanted to ensure that hot meals were quite literally back on the table for children returning to school and we are definitely achieving this. We offered these meals to schools to use as they saw fit, either as part of their free school meals provision, for school clubs or for some other purpose in their local community and the response has been tremendous.”

The 60,000 free meals feature two of Pasta King’s most popular sauces, pomodoro and basilico and are being provided to schools alongside their usual orders for Pasta King sauces, rice and pasta. The scheme is available to schools across England, Scotland and Wales and runs until 2nd April. Schools interested in availing of the offer should contact for more details.

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