Kew Gardens launches Endeavour

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has launched a brand new, free, digital learning platform for primary and secondary education funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the £15.6m grant towards the Temperate House Project. Bringing world-leading plant science and horticulture to the classroom, Endeavour offers teachers and pupils opportunities to gain a greater understanding of plants and fungi and to explore the pressing environmental issues facing our planet.

Endeavour has been written by teachers, for teachers, and is an interactive platform that can be used to deliver Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 curricula. Based on in-depth research, the platform supports the communication of plant science and facilitates the ongoing formative assessment and measurement of pupils’ learning.

Engaging challenges encourage critical thinking about topics related to plants, science and the environment, and include everything needed to deliver a dynamic, pupil-led session. Showcasing the application of science in real life, content has been expertly curated to build pupils’ STEM knowledge and Science Capital. Through peer and self-assessment, Endeavour supports pupils to cultivate transferable life skills while also illuminating career pathways.

From writing speeches and designing comic strips that illustrate the threats faced by endangered species, to creating maps and fact files for intrepid plant hunters, Endeavour lives up to its namesake by encouraging pupils to explore creative channels for all types of learning. Infographics, videos, quizzes and presentations are just a selection of the complementary resources available online.

Endeavour aims to bring Kew into every classroom in the UK. Signing up to the free, online platform is simple, and materials required for the tasks and challenges have every-day, readily available classroom objects in mind. Endeavour equips teachers with the tools to deliver lessons on a host of useful and relevant topics, with access to Kew’s leading, authoritative knowledge and research at their fingertips.

Endeavour will also run competitions that schools can enter to win prizes, and gain recognition for engaging pupils with contemporary questions about sustainable development and safeguarding the environment.

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