Learning to swim

Learning to swim is a vital life skill which every child should experience. Swimming lessons teach children independence and give a sense of accomplishment as they feel themselves improving. Swimming offers a whole-body workout like no other, helping children to keep active whilst having fun. Notably, learning to swim also gives children the ability to get themselves out of potentially dangerous situations, enabling them to fully enjoy trips to the seaside and beach holidays.


Once your children are able to swim confidently and competently, the door opens up to a huge range of other activities, like kayaking, canoeing and water polo. These provide further opportunities for keeping active, meeting friends and developing new skills.


Everyone Active’s awarding winning learn to swim programme offers lessons for all ages of swimmers, with child classes starting at 4 months right through to adult classes and are available at over 120 sites. All swimming teachers are Swim England level 2 (or equivalent) qualified. All stages are progressive and continually assessed, initially developing water confidence and then teaching children to swim. As they improve, this distance is increased and all strokes are introduced. They also have the opportunity to develop water safety skills and other aquatic disciplines such as Rookie Lifeguard, synchronised swimming diving and water polo.





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