Mikey and Addie edinburgh fringe festival children's show review

Mikey and Addie

The skilful acting, the props, lighting and sound all add up to an exceptional, moving experience. My son and I really cared about the characters, we wanted them to be ok and though there wasn't a clear resolution at the end it was a satisfying and hopeful ending

Edinburgh Fringe Children's Show review

Mikey and Addie is performed by Andy Manley and his skill in portraying the characters is astonishing; by a change of voice, stance and mannerisms he takes on the distinct personalities seemingly effortlessly. It is a testament to his acting that when I was thinking about the show on the way home, I felt I had definitely met Mikey and Addie separately, they are very distinct characters in my mind. As the audience makes their way to their seats, the theatre is dim and the stage illuminated to show several space-age, silver objects rotating on black stands.

This deceptively simple set is effectively used as the story unfolds, roughly split into three stages, each stage represented by a change in the objects on display. The soundscape is the perfect accompaniment. The overall ideas I got from the show are of individuals in the wide world; of moments, possibly fairly insignificant, that will change you forever; and of the challenges that people face, that can be made more manageable by those around us. The story itself is human, touching and very moving. There are moments of humour too, as in life itself.

Part of the delight of this show for me was how the story gradually unfolded; we learned more about the characters; and as we did so I found I cared deeply what happened to them. I would say the 9+ suggestion is accurate, so if you have slightly older children Mikey and Addie is a wonderful show to enjoy together, my 12 year old was mesmerised. A lovely shared experience for us both.

Our young reviewer said:

My 12 year old son thought Mikey and Addie was "Amazing. This is a wonderful show, it is a very interesting and thought-provoking story. It made me feel emotional and I really liked the characters. The lighting and the props were so cool, I loved how they all moved in the light, and how the plate reflected the light. It was all really good. I would recommend it to everyone. 5 stars."

Reviewer: Abigail Fuller 14th August, 2016

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