Andrew Roper Superheroes for Kids Edinburgh Fringe Festival children’s show reviews

Andrew Roper – Superheroes for Kids

Edinburgh Fringe Childen's Show review

"Kids, repeat after me: ‘My mother is young and beautiful. My mother is young and beautiful and my father is an idiot.’” Irreverent and laugh-aloud funny, Andrew Roper’s Superheroes for Kids includes a lot of superhero geekery that will appeal to any child obsessed with Marvel and superheroes.

Who was the first superhero? What is Spiderman’s power and can you sing the song? Better yet, it lets kids dress up as their favourite superhero and culminates in a fabulous conflict between the audience and the (child) Avengers involving coloured table tennis balls. My kids, who are friendly onlookers to superhero culture, were dubious to start with but quickly won over by the comedy. This was the least scripted show we’d seen, with (child) hecklers in the audience being answered wittily but kindly, and lots of spontaneous funniness.

The interaction with the children on stage is well-handled and funny, and the children seemed to enjoy their time in the spotlight. There’s no sexism – girls are superheroes as much as boys are, and it was a little girl in the end who managed to lift the fabled hammer of Thor that had defeated grown men from the audience. This is a perfect show for 5-12 year olds, especially, but not exclusively, those who love superheroes

Our young reviewers said:

“I could have lifted Thor’s hammer AND the table it was on.” (Ewan, 6)

“The best bit was where the children got to vote on whether parents could stay in the room.” (Stephen, 9)

Reviewer: Anna Dickinson 13th August 2016


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