A Fresh Take on Swimming Lessons in East London/Essex

Angela Wilson swam competitively for Team GB and firmly believes we all learn best when engaged and enjoying ourselves. Her insight and winning techniques have been developed over 25 years and have made Angela’s Swim School a major provider of lessons in the South East, with pools nearby in Basildon, Brentwood and Rayleigh.

Angela told Primary Times, “My dream is to see all children being taught to swim properly, for them to be happy as they learn water skills and safety, grow in confidence and enjoy a physical workout.”

To help children get the most from their ‘learn to swim’ journey, Angela has found a fresh way to engage them and has developed a badge programme. Angela’s Swim School, in partnership with The Swimstylers, offers a staged approach to teaching skills and stamina suitable for babies and non-swimmers, ultimately up to a 1500m swim.

The Swimstylers programme and badge levels are brought to life by inspirational child characters. The stages within Caspian, Oceana and others show beginner and more accomplished swimmers step by step how to progress with confidence and technique.

To become a Swimstyler and join Angela’s Swim School visit www.angelasswimschool.co.uk.

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